About Us

My passion for fishing started at a young age. My story begins like many others; father takes his kids to a lake to fish for the first time while on vacation. Its a faint memory, but I remember the thrill of fighting my first fish from a small dock, I've been hooked ever since (pun intended!).

Growing up on Long Island made it pretty easy to quench my thirst for fishing, with water in every direction. A ten minute ride to the north - the calm waters of Long Island Sound fishing docks catching small fish, a 25 minute ride to the south - fishing the rough waters of the Atlantic for large game fish. Small yet very fishable lakes to the west and of course the fertile fishing grounds of Montauk to the east. A fisherman's dream, one that spans 35 years and several countries & continents. 

I've learned a lot throughout the years simply by going through the process of trial and error, what works, what doesn't work, must have tackle, etc. You find out quickly that there is a lot of 'stuff' out there, and it can get confusing trying to figure out what you need to be successful in the sport. That's the reason behind Hanzo Tackle. We've taken a lifetime of fishing knowledge of whats important to an angler, and developed products and gift packages designed for all anglers.  

Hanzo Tackle's mission is to take the guesswork out of gift giving by offering gift packages with tackle that is relevant to any fishing enthusiast! The tackle in each of our boxes are necessary for anyone who fishes, whether its their first time or are a lifer. You do not need to know anything else about the person you are looking to purchase a gift for other than they are a fishing enthusiast. We got you from there! With a Hanzo Tackle gift package, you essentially can't miss!