5 Best Salmon Lures for River Fishing

There’s no shortage of places to fish for salmon in the US, and the salmon know this only too well. The species has long since learned to tell food from bait, which is why you should have only the best kind at your disposal when river fishing.

For those looking to reel in fresh salmon, here are some of the best lures for the task.

1.    Spinnerbait

Most seasoned anglers swear by the spinnerbait for luring in salmon. It’s old, tried, tested, and does the job where most fish species are concerned.

You can find this lure in many sizes, colors, and weights, with one or more revolving blades that simulate small fish when in motion.

2.    Jigging Spoons

As we head into colder seasons, you might want to head to deeper waters and change your lure to jigging spoons, preferably with some kind of live bait attached to them.

Since jigging spoons require some knowledge on your part about the specific location of salmon, it’s best to keep some tech on hand to detect underwater activity. Once salmon enters your radar, you can lower the spoon in slow lifts, drops, and pauses to mimic prey motion.

Be sensitive to any tug on your line because salmon usually attack before you’ve reached the bottom.

3.    Flies

Fly fishing flies not only mimic insects in various stages of development but also imitate leeches, worms, and baitfish. They range from wet to dry and every kind in between, but the salmon may not fancy all of them.

While flashes of bright color on light or weighty flies are a rule of thumb for shallow or deep river fishing, you may want to get a second opinion from a local angler in the area.

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4.    ‘Salmon Eggs’

Did you know salmon eat salmon eggs? Bit cannibalistic if you think about it, but hey, if it floats their boat and all that.

We can, however, take advantage of this fact to catch some of our own salmon by using lures in a bright red, pink, or orange finish to imitate floating salmon eggs.

5.    Swim Shads

Even though some salmon prefer different feeds at various points in their lives, they normally eat whatever they can find, including small fish, insects, sea insects, and larvae.

Swim shads, with their flashing fish-like appearance, mimic salmon prey more convincingly than any lure out there, which is why you should always have some in your tackle box on a river fishing tour.

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